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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Local Community

About Us

The mission of the San Joaquin Pride Center is to serve the diverse LGBTQ+ communities in San  Joaquin County and the surrounding areas by creating a safe and welcoming space. We provide  resources that enrich the body, mind and spirit, and educate the public in affirming ways, nurture and show respect for all people within the LGBTQ+ community.
Founded in June 2011 and opened in October 2011, the San Joaquin Pride Center strives to provide the community with LGBTQ+ resources and support in a friendly, welcoming, and accessible environment. We are located on Yosemite Street Village, inside the old 49er Pharmacy next to China Village on the 900 block of Yosemite Street between Acacia and Poplar. Friends Of Yosemite Street Village is an action based, grassroot committee that simply wants to see small efforts leading to big changes: to ensure this district is utilized to its fullest potential.

Community Programs

Youth Empowerment, Outreach, Awareness, and Advocacy

The Youth Empowerment Program has developed several components to empower our youth and assist  them in finding resources and social opportunities to develop a support network to assist them in  overcoming the challenges unique to their community and reducing health care disparities within the  LGBTQ+ population. These include:

  • Program outreach staff work with schools and students to develop gay/straight alliance  resources within local schools and communities.
  • Outreach and sensitivity training activities for educators, school administrators, school staff,  family members, or anyone else who plays a part in the lives of our LGBTQ+ youth.
  • Regular social events to accommodate networking, peer support, and bringing the community  closer together to reduce the risk of youth isolation.
  • Youth education programs to inform our youth on important topics and enhance their safety on  several issues, ranging from safe behavior to STD/STI awareness
  • Recidivism Prevention: Outreach and support of LGBTQ+ foster kids and at-risk youth.
  • Provides anti-bullying presentations for youth

Mental Wellness Access

Mental Wellness Access provides the LGBTQ+ community with direct access to quality mental health care  professionals that have experience in understanding the needs of the community. Counseling, peer  groups and dependency/recovery support are vital programs to assist a demographic that historically  has been disenfranchised which has led to disproportionate health disparities.SJPC supports over 2,500 LGBTQ+ youth in the San Joaquin County area and provides service to over 10,000 residents annually through its various programs.

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